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What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a disorder in which the bones of the spine (vertebrae) fail to grow symmetrically, resulting in an S-shaped spine. Known as RASO (relative anterior spinal overgrowth), individual vertebrae grow into a wedge shape that is taller in the front than the back. While the specific causes of scoliosis are still unknown, millions of people are affected by it. The curvature can happen gradually and affects people of all ages. We offer personalized treatment plans that include exercises, stretches, and other techniques to help manage the condition and improve your overall well-being. Early intervention and regular therapy can make a significant difference in managing scoliosis effectively. If you or your loved one has scoliosis concerns, our team is here to provide expert care and support.

Adolescent & Adult Programs

Scoliosis-specific exercises have demonstrated the ability to halt, and in certain instances, even diminish the atypical lateral curvature of the spine that commonly emerges during adolescence and persists into adulthood. At B-Health, we employ a distinctive approach that combines Functional Manual Therapy and the Schroth Method, providing an unparalleled solution for both adults and children to achieve accelerated and enhanced outcomes in scoliosis management.

Approach & Philosophy

Whether it's an S-shaped curvature or hyperkyphosis, any deviation from the normal spinal alignment can benefit from Schroth Physical Therapy. At B-Health, our team includes certified Physical Therapists specializing in The Schroth Method, a highly specialized approach developed explicitly for scoliosis treatment. Our therapists are also well-versed in Functional Manual Therapy, incorporating hands-on techniques to address soft tissue and joint limitations frequently associated with scoliosis. Additionally, we focus on neuro-based re-education and targeted strengthening to rectify muscular imbalances stemming from scoliosis.


Our objective is to enhance alignment, correct trunk and muscle imbalances, provide guidance on avoiding movements that could exacerbate scoliosis, enhance overall body mechanics and posture, and effectively address any accompanying pain.


Understanding the uniqueness of each spinal curve is fundamental to devising a customized treatment plan that maximizes success. Our comprehensive assessment encompasses a range of crucial factors: evaluating joint flexibility and strength through meticulous range of motion and testing; analyzing functional stability and balance; screening for hypermobility; measuring thoracic expansion and curvature; and, when available, conducting an in-depth x-ray review.


Guided by the insights derived from this comprehensive assessment and your specific curve classification, we design a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. Our approach harmoniously integrates a blend of methodologies, including the Schroth Method, Functional Manual Therapy, neuromuscular re-education, coordination enhancement, motor control retraining, and targeted strengthening and conditioning. This approach is geared towards achieving optimal function and well-being throughout your entire body.

Let’s Work Together

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