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Health Counseling & Nutritional Services.

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Our Approach and Philosophy

In the evolving realm of healthcare, the significance of nutrition, movement, and lifestyle factors is increasingly acknowledged by medical practitioners. At B-Health, we integrate lifestyle as “medicine.” to foster a foundation for lasting health.


Our program thoroughly explores your health background, food sensitivities, gut microbiome, specific dietary needs, as well as sleep and stress factors that could contribute to diminished well-being. We provide a no-cost, 45-minute consultation to evaluate your present health condition and objectives, determining suitability for this program.

What we Treat 

  • Holistic Health Counseling & Wellness Programs ​

  • Detoxification 

  • Nutritional Coaching 

  • Diet Review & Meal Planning

  • Review lifestyle factors

Let’s Work Together

1010 Lake Street

Suite 400

Oak Park, IL 60301

Tel: (312) 801-0318

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