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Why self-Pay physical therapy works.

Why Chose Self-Pay?

For patients with high deductibles or insurance plans not included in our network, we offer a Self-Pay Program.



What is Self-Pay?

Self-pay in healthcare means directly paying for medical services. It offers quick access to care, control over treatment decisions, confidentiality and allows your Physical Therapist to address multiple issues simultaneously and/or address specifically what you want to work on during your session. It can be used in conjunction with insurance or independently, depending on your healthcare needs and preferences.



Seeking Reimbursement?

We will provide our Self-Pay patients with a receipt (Superbill), which you can then submit to your insurance company for out-of-network benefits and reimbursement.



1-Session - $130



4-Sessions - $480 ($120 per session) *

8-Sessions - $880 ($110 per session) *


*Packages are paid in full and can be scheduled ahead of time for convenience.

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