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Constance Contursi

Personal Trainer

Even coaches need a coach. Whether you're looking to lose weight, be a better partner / parent, choose healthier relationships or get your finances under control, she's got you. Books and certifications don't make a great coach. Experience does. Wisdom comes from falling and getting back up and asking for help whenever you need it.

Constance Contursi has been a leader in the fitness industry as a trainer, group fitness instructor, regional manager and national master trainer for over 23 years. She has owned her own fitness company and studio for 12 years and her passion for helping people and other small businesses has led her to opening her company Coaching by Constance.

Health isn’t always about physically working out. You can never be truly healthy if you are putting unhealthy, inflammatory foods in your body or allowing unhealthy individuals to suck your energy and drain your soul. Sometimes the first step to getting physically and emotionally clean is the hardest. Connect with Constance to improve your overall heath through workouts, foods and life coaching. 

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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