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Personal Training.

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Our Method

Every journey benefits from a guide. Whether your goal is weight loss, improved relationships, or financial stability, Constance is here to support you. Experience, not just certifications, defines a great coach. Wisdom grows from overcoming challenges and seeking guidance when needed. Optimal well-being encompasses more than physical exercise. True health involves nourishing your body with wholesome foods and surrounding yourself with positive energy. Sometimes, the hardest step is initiating a transformation that rejuvenates both body and spirit.


Explore our customized coaching for targeted goals or inquire about the NEW Major Life Overhaul package. With this comprehensive program, Constance addresses all facets of your life, leading you to a rewarding and joyful existence.

Let’s Work Together

1010 Lake Street

Suite 400

Oak Park, IL 60301

Tel: (312) 801-0318

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